Have you ever vacationed somewhere and wished you could stay longer?
Perhaps even move there? Slow travel is what we are all about. Easing into a local culture and not thrashing through tourist spots to hurriedly cross off things the bucket list. Slow down and experience. Immerse. Make a lasting connection to a place. Travel isn’t about a collection of things to do tackled vehemently. It’s about a collection of experiences and the awesome stories we get to tell our loved ones.

EatPrayStayforDays.com guides you to rub shoulders with the locals. Live among them, go the market, shop, have a drink and most importantly exhale while doing so. Become part of a local life and if you’re lucky, its customs. After all, what’s the rush? We avoid hectic holiday tours and ‘seven cities in ten days’ itineraries where you snap away on your camera and when you get home you don’t even remember being there and on top of that you a need a vacation from your vacation. Choose a home away from in a villa, apartment or house. Shop and cook and you as you would do at home.

Experience living instead of simply passing through. EatPrayStayforDays.com seeks comfort and allows space and time to spread out. We are a mindset. One that says, stay in a place long enough to nod hello to your neighbors, have a favorite coffee house and perhaps order ‘the usual’ at a restaurant and the waiter knows what that actually is.

For more info and other details you can contact me at info@eatpraystayfordays.com