Do Jamaica Your Way.

Today’s post is from Kristi Keller of “Do Jamaica Your Way.” This service is for the the intrepid traveler who shuns resorts and embraces a more local experience.  Take control of your own Jamaican experience and truly, Do Jamaica Your Way.


I’m a frequent traveler of Jamaica and need to experience it the “local” way.  I do this fulfill my desire to learn more and write about the country.  I’ve been doing Jamaica my way for eight years and writing about all things UN-touristy, and that includes unique accommodations I’d find along the way.  Over time my inbox started filling up with requests from people wanting to know more about these places.  So the inspiration to create the “Do Jamaica Your Way” website in September of 2010 was simple and logical.

I took on a fellow Canadian partner who’s also an avid Jamaica traveler and we’re doing our best to bring Jamaica’s less known places to stay to foreigners who have the same travel style as we do.  We feature guest houses, villas, private apartments and small hotels that you might not find on your own.  We can also arrange transportation and recommend less touristy things to do in Jamaica if you’re an “off the beaten path” kind of traveler.

We strive to be as interactive as we can with people planning Jamaica vacations and we have a lot of fun with it because we’re passionate about the island and all the adventures it has to offer.  There is so much more to Jamaica than beaches and resorts and we encourage others to experience all they can while on vacation.  We’re firm believers that if your goal is to sit behind the walls of an all-inclusive resort you might as well visit ANY country because they all offer the same vacation.  But if you’re on a quest to immerse yourself into a rich culture full of vibes and amazing locals the best way to do it is stay local!

When you give local life a chance in Jamaica you’ll find nothing but hidden treasures – from real Jamaican food (not the watered down resort versions), pure nature, unlimited adventures and people who are ready and waiting to share their customs and authenticities with travelers from abroad.  This could be true in any country and I’d never limit myself to stay in a resort where the only other people you’ll see are just like you!

Do Jamaica Your Way has been and will continue to try and find any accommodation that suits your needs for your Jamaica vacation while adding some spice to your trip!  We have options that you might never find if you searched on your own.  And the best part is our service is free!

Check out our website at and join us on Facebook (link: for constant updates on new places to stay islandwide!






  1. FecBookOctober 9th

    I like the scenery very beautiful .

  2. Jamaica My WayOctober 9th

    Diana, thanks very much for allowing us to post on your site! Let me know when you want a feature on my site for your jerk tour!

  3. dianao617October 9th

    You are most welcome Kristi! We’ll be in touch for sure.

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