Farmers’ Hands Across Jamaica

There is an honesty and purity in farmer’s hands. I have been visiting farms and markets across Jamaica and I found myself taking pictures of farmers’ hands. I was doing this instinctively. I felt that if I looked at their hands closely, I would understand who they were as a person. Each callous, corn and crack in skin told the story of hard work and dedication to their livelihood.

Their hands speak of getting up before the sun, chopping weeding, yielding, unearthing and producing food, doing back breaking work under the boiling sun.

I can’t think of few things as powerful as producing your own food. We quickly rush through the supermarket and fill our carts without a second thought. We take our food for granted that we don’t think about the people that put their energy into our sustenance.


This series of photos is my homage to Jamaica’s farmers in giving thanks for all they do.


*Scotch bonnet peppers in St. Elizabeth


*Herbs in St. Ann



*Titi fruit in Blue Mountains


*Koala nut in St. Mary



*Peeling pineapple in Kingston

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