Flyers Please take your Medication Before Traveling this Holiday Season.

People Please take you Meds Before Traveling This Holiday Season.

‘Tis the season for people to go crazy.  I don’t know what it is about this time of the year but people are just unbearable.  I’ve been flying a lot since Thanksgiving and have had many near miss medical emergencies.  IF YOU ARE ON MEDICATION PLEASE TAKE IT IN YOUR CARRY-ON.  Seems straight forward right?  Just take a look at what I’ve had to deal with just this week.

Sharing Needles

On a night flight from San Juan to Orlando the call button rings (shocker!).  My co-worker, C answered and came back to the galley saying a lady told him that she is diabetic and she’s had nothing to eat all day. She placed her insulin in her checked bag and was wondering if we could make an announcement for someone to “loan” her their insulin.  I looked at him incredulously.  “What?!! We can’t have her share somebody else’s needle. When did we become a flying crackhouse?”  I have never had a request like this before.

The Lady in the Back

After Thanksgiving Day I was non-revving (bumming a free ride on another airline) home from a Jamaican-American Thanksgiving (think turkey with a side of curry goat and oxtails).  I was on Southwest, I settled into my seat in the back of the aircraft.  I looked over at this normal looking lady sitting in the row across from me.  Then I noticed she was changing seats within her row.  She moved window to aisle, aisle to middle, middle to window several times.  In one swift movement she got up, opened the empty overhead bin, threw her pocketbook in and forcefully slammed it shut.  Opened up the bin and threw her bag back onto the seat. She sat down, took out the vomit bag and blew air in it, folded it up then tucked it into her pocketbook.  The sounds was so jarring the flight attendants emerged from the back galley.

“Ma’am are you ok?”

She replied in a normal speaking voice. “I am looking for a space to put my bag.” Then she pointed at her pocketbook and said, “This bag has germs in it and I put them there.” The flight attendant looked at each other and one promptly left to call the Ground Security Coordinator, (GSC).

The GSC came onboard and asked her if she was alright to fly.  The GSC did mention that if she caused the flight to divert because of her unsafe and erratic behavior, then she would be liable for all the costs incurred.  Well, this sobered her up and she said that she was fine to fly and wouldn’t cause anymore trouble.

When the plane took off, her arms shot straight up in the air and her bare feet dangled over her shoes.

During the flight I noticed that she was still behaving erratically.  When the sunlight entered the cabin she played shadow puppets with her fingers and used her pockerbook to hide her face for much of the flight.

My heart! My Heart!

On a flight from Bogota to Orlando, I had a medical emergency.  A man was groping his chest saying her was having a heart attack.  I immediately contacted my crew and captain and told them of the situation.  When this happened we were over the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and closest place to divert to was Kingston, a whole hour away.

Now my training says that heart attack victim usually have a pain in their arm and pressure on the chest.  After further questioning, this man didn’t have any of these symptoms.  He just kept saying that his chest hurt. His wife revealed that he was on 14 different medication and he took all the pills before they left the house.

“Did he have breakfast?”

“No,” she replied.

Then of course he feels like he having a heart attack.  Turned out this man had a bad case of gas in his chest.

EAT before your get on the plane, especially if you’re taking 14 pills a day.  Don’t be cheap or stupid.  TSA won’t take away a homemade sandwich or one of those cup o’ soups without the liquid.

Now seriously folks, it’s important to keep your valuables and medication with you on the plane.  I can’t tell you the number of parents that ask me for diapers and milk because they didn’t anticipate weather delays and have checked these items underneath the aircraft.  The travel season is about to get busy, please make your lives and your flight attendant lives easier by taking your medication before boarding.  Take a Xanax or even a vodka Benadryl cocktail to soothe your nerves.

Happy Friggin’ Holidays!


  1. Cal BDecember 9th

    ALL these accounts are HILARIOUS, but the funniest of them all are ‘The Lady in the Back’ & ‘My heart! My Heart!’. I was ROTFL LOL LMAO~! A MESS! I like your suggestions at the end of the entry as well- some form of sedation has NEVER failed [unless it leads to death. But again I say, some form of sedation has NEVER failed LOL]

    I love the fact that your blog is snowing, it’s SO CUTE! Happy Holidaze!

  2. dianao617December 11th

    Thanks Cal!

  3. April D. ThompsonJanuary 5th

    I have to salute flight attendants. People, I tell you! Sharing needles!?!? Seen a lot of people like ‘the lady in the back’ roaming airports and on flight. SMH!

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