Kingston Eats: The Rib Kage


You know the food is good when you stop hearing words and start hearing sounds. Conversation naturally comes to a halt when your palate is shrouded in deliciousness. This was my experience at Rib Kage in Hope Zoo.

Set underneath a beautiful gazebo surrounded by lush trees, the Rib Kage is a great environment for dining. Chef/Owner Gariel Ferguson has a new barbeque restaurant and it is a hit!

My uncle and his business partner are visiting from London and sadly they hadn’t had a good food experience in Kingston. The horror!t When I saw Rib Kage’s postings on Instagram, I knew this was the perfect opportunity to show the Londoners how well Kingstonians eat.

The service was good, we were greeted with a hearty “Welcome to Rib Kage!” Our waitress was very attentive and answered our many questions patiently. We arrived at 7:15pm and almost every table under the gazebo was taken. The restaurant has been open a little over two weeks and the word spread like wildfire over social media.

We started with the ackee dip and crispy fried green plantains. The dip had smoky red herring inside and chunky bits of ackee. Of course ackee and red herring is a home cook’s staple in Jamaica, but making it into a dip to be soaked up with fried plantain takes it up a notch.


The three of us ordered four main courses because we all wanted to try the baby back ribs. We ordered  two  lamb burgers with french fries and the pork platter with smoked potato and sweet potato. The potatoes came wrapped in foil with a dollop of butter dropped in the middle that melted into the encased potatoes.

The ribs and pork platter were very very tender and juicy with just the right amount of sauce on top. The meat was top quality. You could taste that the barbeque sauce was made from scratch and not from a jar. The lamb burgers were simply delicious. The lamb’s flavour didn’t overpower the sandwich and with relish, red onions, lettuce and tomato made for refreshing edge to the bite. Hands down, it is one of my favourite burgers in the entire world.

Dessert was light and fluffy bread pudding with a sea salt caramel sauce fresh from the oven. The top of the bread pudding had small toasted nuggets and when I tapped them with my fork, it was like music to my ears.


If you haven’t done so, please check out Kingston’s hottest restaurant. It is worth every bite.


The Rib Kage

Open Thursday- Saturday 6pm-11pm

The Serengeti, Hope Zoo (use the back entrance at Gibson Close)

The bar is open until 2 am.

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