Photos: Port Antonio Unplugged


Port Antonio is Jamaica unplugged. A visit to the northeast city feels like a true departure from busy Kingston and deep dive into old Jamaica. Port Antonio wants nothing to do with sprawling resorts and pre-made daiquiris, instead, visitors craving a more local experience are beckoned.


For many years Port Antonio was synonymous with a languorous lifestyle. In the 1940’s ad 1950’s, Hollywood elite Errol Flynn were pictured horseback riding along the shore. It was the respite of choice for Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton and Grace Kelley, who used to arrive by yacht. Since the 1970’s that glamour has faded, with the once booming banana trade.


I often visit Portland, in fact, it’s always been my favourite parish. The Blue Mountain range extends far onto this side of the island. In my opinion, Portland has the best beaches in Jamaica. You get the mountains and you get the beach, the best of Jamaica. It is common to experience an unexpected heavy downpour, so be sure to bring an umbrella. To me the trees are greener, the flowers are brighter and the air sweeter, I credit the high rainfall.


The city center is on the edge of Boundbrook village, and like all city centers the energy is hurried and busy. A mere ten minute drive in any direction out of town and you are quickly enveloped in bucolic charm.


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