Eat Pray Stay for Days

A Guide to Long-Term Travel in Bali

Geared towards the intrepid long-term traveler, this book teaches cultural immersion into Balinese customs. Learn how to dress when visiting a Balinese temple, how to order street food and where the best beaches and spas are located.

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Indonesian Street Food App

Indonesian street food is very diverse. Typically, Indonesian meals come in three categories; fried (goreng), grilled (bakar), boiled/steamed (cah). This app features a mouth- watering array of dishes from brothy noodles to fiery curries and delightful banana wrapped goodies. This app is your guide to deciphering street food offerings.

As a bonus, I have added a “Street Food Safety” guide that you can follow to avoid getting sick from unhygienic vendors. There is no need to be wary and not sample the many delicious delicacies that Indonesian street food has to offer.

– Travel Guide organized into categories
– Photo Gallery for each point of interest

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