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“Grab on to the corn stalk and turn left by the apple tree,” the old mad said to me. I was precariously perched in mud as I navigated my way along the muddy path in sandals. It was 6:30 in the evening and the sun had already set. I had just driven into to the village of Boundbrook in Port Antonio and already I was looking for the river to cool off.

There was just enough light to see through the thick canopy along the river bed. The mosquitoes were already singing. “Tomorrow, this will be magnificent!” I thought. I slowly ascended and made my way along the gravel covered road and up the steps to Rafjam’s new bed and breakfast.



It was time for dinner and I made my way to the kitchen. Annie’s wide smile greeted me. I told her I saw her picture on Facebook and she threw her arms around my neck. Rafjam feels like home to me. I’ve stayed at the property in the Blue Mountains more than a few times and I fell in love with the rustic charm.  A river with lots of swimming pockets runs right through the property and fruit trees abound.

“What would you like to eat? I have chicken and fish.” Annie said.

I had the chicken and my friend had the fish. I didn’t ask how she would prepare it. My gut told me it would be good. Annie didn’t disappoint, she made baked chicken in a deliciously tangy barbecue sauce with sweet potato mash and a fresh salad. My friend loved her fish. We were too hungry to stop and take pictures. It was a long drive from Kingston.

I can feel the “newness” of the Port Antonio location. The tiles sparkle and I can still smell the varnish on the wood. The property is managed by Sasha and she is very pleasant, welcoming and accommodating.

The next morning, I was up early and so was the village. From the patio I saw goats being herded up the hill, teenagers load their knapsacks with mangoes, women fetching water at the river and men swinging cutlasses to clear the bush. It was a bucolic setting and this is why I visit RafJam. You get a real slice of Jamaica in a village setting.

I made a beeline to the river and put my feet in. I didn’t move for almost an hour.

On my last morning, I had some over-ripe bananas and I asked if Annie could make fritters for us. She said yes. Of course.

RafJam is having a summer sale for the month of June. Pay only USD $35 a night. Call (876) 4895460

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