Top 4 Jobs to Work Abroad

The Dieng Plateau, Java, Indonesia. Photo: Diana OGilvie



Funding your long terms travel plans does require planning. Unless you are funding your own way with savings, you will need a job to pay for your travels. Here a few positions to consider.


ESL Teacher


Front desk of the English First school at worked at in Kelapa Gading, Jakarta. Photo by: Diana O'Gilvie


Teaching English abroad is a popular job. Many countries are desperate to hire teachers with or without experience. A large number of countries do require a TEFL certificate. In particular, countries in Europe, South America and the UAE. Typically, countries in need of ESL teachers will pay for airfare and lodging and in some cases transportation. You often don’t need a lot of experience and you can pick anywhere in the world to teach and you are not required to speak the language.



Travel Writer/Photographer


One of the most common jobs for people to pursue abroad is to work for a travel publication or start their own. I did this in Bali and Jakarta while working as an ESL teacher. Publications are always on the look out for native English speakers to contribute articles. It was great way to see the country on assignments and get paid to sip on some exotic libations. These positions are freelance and the pay varies from publication to publication. I contacted magazines by cold calling. I went into the local bookstore and made a note of all the English publications and called them up to see of they needed writers and sent my resume and link to my writing samples. I was able to supplement my income nicely every month by doing hotel reviews, restaurant reviews and travel pieces around Indonesia.


Travel Nurse


If you’re studying to be a nurse, then consider being a travel nurse. These positions are available on the national and international levels. The nursing shortage abroad ensures international travels. Nursing assignments can last from few weeks to few years. Compensation varies and many times lodging is provided by the agency. Try offering your services in another part of the world.


Cruise Ship Staff


If you’re not prone to sea sickness and like the open water, then joining a cruise ship staff may be good option for you. There are countless jobs within the cruise ship industry from musical performers, cooking staff, wait staff and any number of administrative positions. Do keep in mind, that contracts are quite long and it does entail spending extended periods of time away from your landlocked friends and family. Many cruises do make overnight pit stops in cities all over world and crews are allowed to disembark and enjoy the world.








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