Top 6 Things I Ate at Jamaica Food & Drink Festival

The Jamaica Food and Drink Festival is a week-long dive into Jamaica’s culinary scene. Now in its third year, the festival has grown up and shown signs of maturing nicely. The high point for me, of course, is the food but also travelling around the different venues in Kingston where the event is spread out. I get to fall in love with Kingston’s nooks and crannies and discover new playgrounds. Needless to say, I ate a lot and my diet was on pause that week.

Here are few of my favourite things.


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Chef Andre Fowles oxtail mole with tun cornmeal churros.


Stush in the Bush grilled corn with scotch bonnet cashew cream, cilantro and lime.


Candied bacon


Jerk chicken paella.


Chef Lij Heron poached pepper shrimps with cooling cucumber jelly.

Chef Debe Ann Lange barbeque pulled pigtail on a bammy crisp with crumble bacon.



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