VIDEO: Jake’s Organic Jerk Sauce



We all know the jerk cuisine was invented in Jamaica. Hundreds of thousands of bottles are shipped abroad to quell the world’s insatiable need for authentic Jamaican jerk sauce.

Jake’s Hotel in Treasure Beach is known for using sustainably farmed produce. If it’s not in season, it’s not on the menu at Jake’s. The hotel is located in the parish ofSt. Elizabeth, fondly referred to as Jamaica’s Breadbasket. I accompanied Jake’s executive chef, Damario on a farm tour of St. Elizabeth. We gathered all the ingredients to make the jerk sauce. Here is a ┬ábehind the scenes look at how Jake’s organic jerk sauce is made.



  1. DemetraAugust 4th

    That jerk snapper looks absolutely delicious. It must be amazing to eat it in such a beautiful setting.

  2. DianaAugust 18th

    It was Demetra!

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