Video: Treasure Beach Jerk Pork and Bammy



In Kingston, it is customary to serve jerk pork with pillow soft slices of white hard dough bread. However, in Treasure Beach, they do things a little differently.

Delvyn’s jerk pan is a staple in the neighbourhood. He only comes out on a Saturday and when his pork is done, he packs up and heads home, leaving residents lusting and salivating until the next Saturday he returns.

I asked Delvyn what makes his pork so special, he responded with a delightfully aloof chuckle and a single shoulder shrug, “Mi nuh know. People just like it.” An even-tempered fellow, Delvyn moved from a neighbouring village to Treasure Beach when he was a young man. What you see is what you get with Delvyn. Not one for many words, he let’s his cooking do the talking. When my travel pal Jason Henzell and ┬ápulled up Delvyn was whistling to Cynthia Schloss tune on the radio. The tree provided a cool reprieve from the sun along with soft sea breeze. I can tell you that his pork is succulent, juicy and simply delicious. His homemade pepper sauce wakes up the meat with a fiery tang that cuts through the smokiness.

Delvyn serves his pork with a garlicky sweet gravy, very similar to a barbecue sauce. What took me by surprise was, instead of hard dough bread, he thinly slices a bammy round (a dense bread made from pounded cassava) to accompany the dish. The bammy soaks up the gravy very well.

Needless to say, it was lovely roadside treat with a new twist that I’ll be on the lookout for as I continue to traipse across Jamaica.

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