Weekend Trip: Treasure Beach



Treasure Beach is a wonderfully old-fashioned part of Jamaica. It gets the Jamaican beach town experience without trying at all. Winding country roads, close to zero crime and a community with their eyes on the future for maintaining the same rustic, fishing town amid gimmicky resorts across Jamaica’s north coast. The community is also focused on a sustainable future. There is an affable and chill culture here.

Treasure Beach is a collection of four coves- Billy’s Bay, Calabash Bay, Great Pedro Bay and Frenchman’s Bay. In the 19th century, Scottish sailors were shipwrecked near Treasure Beach, which accounts for the prescence of fair skinned, green eyes and reddish haired locals.

There are no sprawling resorts, hustlers on the beach, no Margaritavilles. Just a cluster of guesthouses on the waterfront with surrounding rolling farmland. No Rasta and rum packages.






Too good to be true? See for yourself and if you’re not moved then you don’t have a pulse. You get the feel that this is an artist town. It’s the home of Perry Henzell, director of cult classic, Harder They Come. Treasure Beach is also home to Calabash, a literary festival for local and international writers. You get the real sense of the burgeoning artist community on the cultural scene.













STAY: Banana Cottages Rooms $35 a night. You can also rent an entire two bedroom apartment at the adjoining property at the bottom of the hill.


EAT: Jack Sprat. A casual waterfront eatery serving up fresh local seafood and pizzas. The restaurant sits on Calabash Bay, a private beach. Order the grilled sea puss (octopus)and conch soup.






  1. ChantalJuly 17th

    Looking forward to visiting Treasure Beach this summer. Thanks for the informative background. 🙂

  2. DianaAugust 4th

    Thanks Chantal! I hope you have a great time in Treasure Beach.

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